I really insist that we don't make it necessary for shifters to interpret 
plots. As much as possible, monitoring app components should be doing that 
(e.g. fitting plots and comparing to nominal values). There should be a 
standard way for monitoring app components to report those results, and 
that presumably involves some software interface that monitoring app 
components implement, and some GUI code in the monitoring app. Those are 
the "define interfaces" and "shifter interface" items respectively.

Some amount of subsystem monitoring is going to have to be done in the 
monitoring app - for example, SVT alignment should be monitored using 
online tracking.

Wired event display is an online display. I'm not the one who came up with 
that requirement; the people who think it's important (I don't remember 
who) should clarify.

It makes sense to break down the conditions system tasks. So far I'm 
hearing "use new conditions system in existing SVT software" "use new 
conditions system in existing ECal software" and "set up conditions 
database at JLab." Can you identify people who will take charge of each 
task? (I assume Omar and I are the natural choices for the first two.) 
Anything else?

I'm opening this up to hps-software because I think we need a general 
discussion of monitoring before we can start on some of these items.

On Wed, 30 Oct 2013, McCormick, Jeremy I. wrote:

> Hey Sho.
> Need some clarification on schedule items.
> "define interfaces for monitoring app components?
> What does this mean?  The basic interfaces there are defined.  One writes lcsim Drivers to produce the plots based on data from the event.  If there is something more that is needed then let me know specifically.  I?m not sure we want to add any more major functionality to the existing app so if there are new features that are desirable we should think about either trying to use the existing system or making separate applications.  I know that one major feature I would like to add is trending plots, e.g. ?strip chart? capability.  Other than this, is there anything else we will need?  I think part of this will be making sure that all the data we need to show in the plots is put into the EVIO files and then translated into LCIO (even if this is only LCGenericObject collections).  Then the data will be available for plotting.  Otherwise, I don?t think we should be plotting anything that isn?t in the LCIO files, because this is likely to make the structure of the application a
  mess.  (my opinion)
> "shifter interface, monitoring app?
> The process for a shifter will be loading the monitoring app, possibly with saved job and connection options, and then hitting the ?Connect? button.  Plots will start showing.  The shifter will watch the plots and will need to know how to interpret them.  That part can?t really be made any simpler.  Something more that would be needed there for a shifter interface?  I know you have mentioned direct system monitoring but I don?t think that belongs here.  This should be performed with sub-system tools for SVT, ECAL, etc. instead of the monitoring app, which is for looking at the final output events.
> "Wired event display?
> Can you clarify here?  What type of interface to Wired do you want?  Do we need a new JAS plugin to connect to the ET ring, pull EVIO events and translate them to LCIO as the monitoring app does?  Do you want to have different controls than the ?Go? buttons in the standard JAS GUI?  You can already use Wired offline with LCIO files, so I?m assuming this is for an online event display.  I need more detailed requirements here before I start to work on it.  Depending on the requirements, this could be a ton of work, actually.
> "conditions system?
> The classes and packages have been coded now for connecting to a database conditions system.  I think we now need to break this down further.  Omar and I discussed this yesterday.
> The new conditions system with the database needs to be used in the SVT and ECAL codes.  I think these should be separate items.
> We will need to setup a MySQL database at JLab that is externally accessible.  It will need to be loaded with conditions for the run.  Does this fall under the ?commissioning? item?
> Thanks.
> ?Jeremy

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