Hello Holly,

Welcome to HPS and welcome to the HPS software group. As Tim already pointed out, don't hesitate to ask questions on this mailing list.

There are quite a few tasks related to the ECAL that we will need to accomplish in the near and not-so-near future. Some of these are listed on the software schedule, see at the bottom of the "Quick Start" section.  You probably want to get a SLAC confluence account to see (and contribute to) the JIRA tasks/bugs system, and also to contribute to any updates of the wiki. You can also interface with the ECAL group about software related tasks.

For potential topics, not yet on the schedule, that are a little more involved for the ECAL: something that I don't think is implemented yet is an "offline cluster finder". Currently there is an "online cluster finder" implemented in the code, which mimics the FPGA hardware, but we can do a far more sophisticated fit of the energies deposited in the ECAL to get a more accurate (x,y) position and a more accurate amount of energy deposited. 

Such a cluster finder will be important for doing energy calibration of the ECAL with real data (e.g. the pi-0 peak) and it will also be very important for any offline analysis which wants to improve the computation by looking at the ECAL as well as tracking.
Some of the complications for implementing this algorithm well will be how to handle hits near the edge of the calorimeter, where some of the energy leaks out. It would be really nice if the algorithm could take this into account (I don't know it is possible) since that would increase the fiducial region of the ECAL.

There is an existing bit of code for this in C++ that was used with the same crystals for the inner calorimeter of CLAS. F.X. know about this implementation, so a starting point could be for you to talk with F.X. and look at how you could adapt his algorithms for the HPS Java code. You may want to start with a very simple implementation of a cluster finder and then improve it as you have learned more about the HPS software system.

Please let us know if this task appeals to you. 

Best regards,


On Oct 24, 2013, at 3:53 PM, Holly Szumila-Vance <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Dear HPS Software,

I am a new graduate student looking to be involved with the HPS software development. Presently, I have been involved with some of the ECal hardware components, but I would like to work on the software development for the ECal. I have been unable to make the Thursday software meetings as I am in class during that time, but if there are specific tasks to be accomplished, I am fully committed to working on this project and can correspond and submit updates accordingly. 

I have a working installation of the HPS software and am wading my way through some examples.  

Holly Szumila-Vance
Old Dominion University

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