Hi Matevz,

Hmmm, OK. It is weird. Maybe you could setup something at SLAC (you have an account) and I can look at what is going on.

From: Matevž Tadel
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 6:22 PM
To: xrootd/xrootd
Cc: Andrew Hanushevsky
Subject: Re: [xrootd] kXR_locate error messages on exported paths (#58)


There is a complete weirdness with ls command (xrdfs ls) in our (AAA) setup ... even when it should complete without doubt (running on data-server, with well defined directory for which stat works ok), the client hangs until it timeouts, failing to open a second connection to the server (totally weird, reporting no route to host + some other error, depending on the setup). I was trying to reproduce it yesterday while on a whole day workshop here at UCSD and I wasn't entirely successful in that. Will try to report this separately soon.

We really have "export /store/" on servers and on redirectors (and on proxy), so doing "ls /store" is a bit of a borderline thing to do but one could argue that it should work as ls is meant to operate on directories. I'm pretty sure Alja is using a good cert, both on a client and for the proxy (also, login succeeds in the server log).

What bothered us initially was that we always get this error ("locating /store; is disallowed") on proxy start-up ... apparently proxy issues the ls command on origin as part of its initialization.

I propose to postpone this until I manage to reproduce the ls weirdness of AAA setup.


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