Dear HPS Software group,

I had not remembered in time, until Pelle pointed it out to me, that this Thursday is the Slow Controls review, which will have a large overlap with people from the software group. In that light it seems it would be better to move the software meeting one week, to December 12th.
My apologies for any confusion.

We will have our regular HPS software meeting Thursday December 12th, at 9am Pacific, noon East, 6pm Europe.


  1. Move to SVN                                            15+5 -- Jeremy
  2. Tracking updates                                     15+5 -- Norman
  3. Mock Data Challenge                              10+5 -- Norman
  4. Resources for Mock Data Challenge       10+5 -- Homer
  5. Other questions, brief updates                          -- All

Please let me know if you have something additional to present.

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