Let me answer these as best I can:

1) The LCSim code is not included with HPS.  It is referenced as a Maven dependency,
which means that it will be automatically downloaded when the HPS software is built.  
You still have the option of installing the lcsim software locally if you wish.

See this presentation for details on doing this:

The examples are found here:


The simple answer to your question about working with the code is that you should create projects
in Eclipse for the modules that you are interested in working with, which will probably initially be:


I hope I covered how to make these projects in Eclipse in sufficient detail so that you are able to get them setup okay,
but if something is still going wrong after following all the steps then please let me know.  

It is also useful to have the entire trunk checked out as well but it does not need to be loaded as an
Eclipse project.  I use this for working easily with everything from the command line such as the distribution

2) The distribution module is included in the full trunk under “distribution” so you have the
option of simply doing ‘cd distribution; mvn install’ to bundle all your local changes into the runnable
jar.  Before doing this, you would need to successfully build the modules containing your new or updated code, 
e.g. users and/or hps-java.  You can build modules in Eclipse and then build the distribution from the command line 
and your local Eclipse changes should be included.  

The distribution module is also built along with all of the modules if you execute ‘mvn install’ from trunk,
but generally you would not want to do this as it would override our local changes that were made using Eclipse.

3) There is a page on the Confluence about available data.  Does this help?

I’m not sure exactly what you want in terms of test run or simulated data but feel free to ask if you
can’t find what you’re looking for from the links on that page.


On Dec 23, 2013, at 7:28 AM, Alessandra Filippi <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi all,
I would like to notify a few issues I met when trying to install the hps
software following the new prescriptions given on the updated confluence
page. I apologize if they could again sound trivial to most of you, but as
a beginner unfortunately I am still somehow confused. My install is on
linux, 64 bits (slc6 and kubuntu). Probably they are not even issues, but I
cannot judge. I had previously installed everyting under cvs and all was
more or less working, then I scratched everything as suggested by Jeremy
and restart afresh. My doubts:

1) I checked out the hps trunk, compiled following the instructions. I
assumed this procedure could do everything... but I feel I miss some
parts. For instance, lcsim. How do I know it was correctly compiled?
Where is the executable supposed to be placed?
I just can find some source files, but if I look to some lcsim classes
(like org.lcsim.hps.examples, to start looking at some data), I cannot
find them. Do I have to install each package anc compile it separately,
instead of downloading the full trunk, as I did in the cvs case?

2) next step: the "distribution" part is suggested to be checked out, and
compiled. But, isn't it included in the trunk stuff I just downloaded?
Do really I need a new one? (I doubt so, but I am confused)

3) I tried to download a few data files for some tests, but I cannot find
them anywhere (for instance, a few signal event files, even if I search
for them on the slac cluster... the directory
hps/mgraham/DarkPhoton/SignalEvents/... doesn't seem to be existing
anymore). Can they be made available again, or can you suggest a new
location where to get them?

I also have a few issues with eclipse (so I am not able to follow the new
instructions on the confluence page), but I think they are still related
to my own installation, so before alerting I need to check better and
spend more time (hopefully, not much) on it.

Thanks a lot for your help!
And great holidays to everybody!

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