Dear HPS Software Group,

No meeting this week, but instead, please pay attention to the following:

I am in the process of updating the Software Schedule that was initially started by Sho. It is in much need of updating, and frankly, I am struggling with this. So I will really need all your help! It is important that we do this, and it is important that we all take part in this. It needs to take shape in less than a week.

To simplify this task, and the interface part, I first turned it into a simple list in Word so that we all can edit it. I will turn this back into a fancy project later. I have "track changes" turned on, so I can easily spot any edits that were made.

Please look at the attached software task list and make corrections!

  1. Look for your name. See if you agree whether you are responsible for that task.
  2. Look for tasks that you are responsible for, working on, or plan to work on.
    1. Add your name to the task (even if there is already a name there). 
    2. Add a percentage complete, (and when started).
    3. Add an estimate of the amount of full time work you think it will take. Even a wild guess is better than blank!
    4. Give it a priority: low, medium, high, critical.
  3. Look for tasks that you know are completed. Add 100%, and the name of the person who did the work, if you know. (I know a bunch are completed where I did not put 100%, please help out.)
  4. Add tasks that you feel really ought to be in there and are currently not there. 
  5. Any other edits you think appropriate (for instance delete some of the sub divisions of your tasks)

You can also give me basic feedback on whether this process works for you or not. It's the best I can come up with right now. And yes, I will be bugging you about this schedule in the coming days, weeks, months!


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