I am looking into problems with the JAS3 plugin configuration reported by several people.

What I was just able to confirm works is installing both the lcsim and hps plugins through their trunk copies using Maven and not the JAS3 Plugin Manager.

This looks something like the following:

cd /scratch # any work dir can be used here
svn co svn:// lcsim_trunk
cd lcsim_trunk
mvn clean install
svn co svn:// hps_trunk
cd hps_trunk
mvn clean install

Then I was able to load an LCIO file of HPS data successfully.

I’ll work on fixing the copies in the plugin database by making some new releases.  The HPS Plugin that was included in the 3.0.0 release and shows up in the Plugin Manager does not work.  And the current lcsim plugin is incompatible with what is in hps trunk right now.

In the meantime, try the above procedure locally and let me know (via this list) if it does or does not work for you.


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