Dear Colleagues,
 Please take note of the following reminder about the upcoming Linear Collider workshop.
Norman Graf

Dear Colleagues,


  This is a reminder that the 2014 regional Linear Collider workshop will take place at Fermilab from 12-16 May 2014.

The main workshop WEB page with all the relevant links is at:


The registration fee is only $47 and the registration is open until 4 May 2014.


Accelerator  as well as   Physics & Detector(P&D) working groups, which will organize the parallel sessions, have been formed. The P&D working groups as well as their conveners are listed below. Please feel free to contact them if you want to present material.


You can register at:


Looking forward to seeing you at Fermilab.


For the Organizing Committee.


Dmitri Denisov & Harry Weerts



Physics & Detector working groups:

PD1: Higgs/Electroweak Symmetry Breaking: T. Barklow, H. Haber, A. Robson, Junping Tian
PD2: Beyond Standard Model/Cosmology: J. List, K.C. Kong, P. Fox, Seong-Youl Choi
PD3: Top/QCD/Loopverein: R. Boughezal, J. Campbell,  R. Poeschl ,TBD
PD4: Simulation/Detector Performance/Reconstruction: N. Graf, F. Gaede, G. Wilson, A. Miyamoto 
PD5: Detector Integration/Machine Detector Interface: K. Buesser, T. Markiewicz, T. Sanuki, TBD
PD6: Vertexing/Tracking: M. Vos, D. Dannheim, R. Lipton, Y. Sugimoto
PD7: Calorimetry/Muon systems: B. Bilki, F. Sefkow, J. Repond, T. Yoshioka


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