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Dear colleague,
This year's Forum on Tracking Detector Mechanics will take place on June 30th - July 2nd at DESY in Hamburg ( and
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN ! You can now also submit your abstract on the Indico page, if you are interested 
in giving a presentation. 
As in previous years we would like to provide the opportunity for discussions on a wide range of topics relating to Tracking Detector Mechanics. A list of these topics can be found of at the end of this email. We will not be able to cover all the topics on the list, but hope that submitted contributions will cover a wide range of them. Contributions will be talks of 30 minutes with 15 minutes for discussion.
Best regards, the organizers
-          Detector cooling
-          Deflection, stability and precision of the structures, achieved and revisited requirements for the next generation
-          Thermal expansion differences inside the detector
-          Mass and therefore radiation length of mechanics, cables and pipes
-          Humidity control, including gas flushing inside detector volume and along services
-          Structural issues concerning humidity or outgassing
-          Choices of construction materials
-          Rails for support and guidance
-          Alignment systems, requirements and "weak modes" of the system, in-situ adjustments, sensors including load sensors
-          Pipe materials, pipe connection techniques and fittings
-          Shock and vibration issues such as bond wire vibration during transport and in operation
-          Effects on mechanics during fast discharge of magnet coils
-          Tracker to beam-pipe interfaces and bakeout scenarios
-          Failure management: What do we do to achieve a tracker with maximum duty cycle
-          Service management: What strategies do we have to deal with services? How can we minimise installation and testing times?
-          Radiation and mechanics: A discussion about the impacts of radiation on the design, materials and also issues like access constraints
-          Maintenance scenarios and the required special tooling
-          FEA and its comparison to real objects

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