Ciao, reading CMSD documentation I read

2.1       manager


8)      If the manager host name ends with a plus, then all the IP addresses associated with host are treated as managers and every non-manager cmsd and xrootd subscribes to each one. This allows you to easily construct fault-tolerant configurations using the IP address alias feature in DNS.

I would like to use this: we have a setup in which a regional redirector is replicated 2+ times, and all the redirectors are resolved via a single DNS name, which reports 2+ IPs.
I understand cmsd upon start will connect to ALL of them, right?

That said (supposing I understood correctly), I have a second question:
the IPs returned via DNS queries are supposed to be changing with time, because we have automatic removal of those which are not ok at a given moment.

What happens if a site starts cmsd when an IP is not present? If later that goes back in to the DNS, will it be picked up or the list of manager is built statically at startup?

thanks a lot


Tommaso Boccali

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