Hi All,

For some reason I seeing duplicate channel errors from the SVT clusterer again…I know we’ve seen this before due to collections not getting cleaned out event-by-event, but I thought that was fixed a long time ago.  Below is some output of what I’m seeing in my log file.  

>> Event 4
>> Event 5
>> Event 6
>> Event 7
Duplicate channel number: 27
>> Event 8
Duplicate channel number: 27
>> Event 9
Duplicate channel number: 27
>> Event 10
Duplicate channel number: 27
Duplicate channel number: 110
Duplicate channel number: 242
>> Event 11
…..and it grows from there until it crashed due to memory overload.    

Here are the drivers I’m using (well the names, but they are pretty descriptive).  The only custom one is DQMDatabaseDriver, which shouldn’t matter.  

        <driver name="EventMarkerDriver"/>
        <driver name="DQMDatabaseDriver"/>
        <driver name="CalibrationDriver"/>
        <driver name="RawTrackerHitSensorSetup"/>
        <driver name="BadChannelFilter" /> 
        <driver name="RawTrackerHitFitterDriver" />
        <driver name="TrackerHitDriver"/>
        <driver name="HelicalTrackHitDriver"/>
        <driver name="AidaSaveDriver"/>

…I know we used to have a cleanup driver in this list, but I don’t see it in the official ones and I thought we had fixed this bug anyway.  Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Matt

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