Dear HPS Software Group,

As a group, we have a mixed record of providing comments on our code and code changes. Please be diligent on any code change you make, and comment what you did and why.

I don't mean to pick on anyone in particular, but want to point out that there are too many times that people make changes like the one shown below. Here "200" is added to the trigger time offset, but there is not even the slightest hint why this 200 is needed. Where does the number come from?

We are not doing a good job of commenting what our code does. It does not take so much time to add a comment. It can take a whole lot of time later to figure out what was going on.

Thank you for all your contributions, and please remember to add comments.

Best regards,


3 modified files
change trigger time offsets

java/trunk/ecal-recon/src/main/java/org/hps/recon/ecal 633 -> 634
--- java/trunk/ecal-recon/src/main/java/org/hps/recon/ecal/	2014-05-23 23:01:37 UTC (rev 633)
+++ java/trunk/ecal-recon/src/main/java/org/hps/recon/ecal/	2014-05-24 00:20:02 UTC (rev 634)
@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@
         if (useTimestamps) {
             double t0ECal = getTimestamp(SYSTEM_ECAL, event);
             double t0Trig = getTimestamp(SYSTEM_TRIGGER, event);
-            timeOffset += (t0ECal - t0Trig);
+            timeOffset += (t0ECal - t0Trig) + 200.0;
         if (useTruthTime) {
             double t0ECal = getTimestamp(SYSTEM_ECAL, event);

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