Ciao! I would have another question on the redirection on presence on mutiple (RR-DNS) IPs.

This time it is about commands like

xrootd.redirect ? /store

what if has multiple IPs?

I tried a 

xrootd.redirect ? /store

and xrootd does not complain, but it is not in the manual ...

and slightly more difficult: let's say a random one is used (and you go to the next if that is broken). What if the the two redirectors have registered "slightly" different servers (because for example when some servers were started, one of the RR redirectors was off). If the chosen one has no answer, what happens
1) "file not found"
2) try with the other aliased

if I am not wrong from my tests, it seems to be "1".

So it boils down to: we cannot really make sure that all the redirectors into the RRDNS are registered to the same servers ... can that be a problem?



Tommaso Boccali

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