Ciao, I have a server under very heavy load (1 GB/s incoming, 200 MB/s outgoing - these are bytes, not bits!), which is failing all the xrootd file serving, with stuff like

140709 16:22:20 7453 XrdLink: Unable to send file to cmsplt00.41552:[log in to unmask]; operation canceled
140709 16:22:20 7453 XrootdXeq: cmsplt00.41552:[log in to unmask] disc 0:05:21 (sendfile failure)

I see no other real problems on that ... any hint on what can be the problem?
FS? network saturated?

I really see tons of rootd connections:

[root@stormgf1 cms]# netstat|grep rootd|wc
   2033   12203  180956

this is 5 min after a restart, and they are still increasing ....

the other thing I do not get is why the other server ( is getting instead < 1/2 of the files

can you confirm the error is just due to high traffic and NOT to (for example) max threads reached or so?


Tommaso Boccali

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