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you completely got my point. Getting 40 sites to restart a daemon to catch a new IP (we are NEVER going to remove IPs, we just shutdown machines in case) is an overkill, and impossible on any decent time scale ...

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On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 12:34 PM, Jan Iven <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
On 07/29/2014 09:42 PM, Andrew Hanushevsky wrote:
On 7/21/14, 3:05 AM, Tommaso Boccali wrote:
we are in the situation where we would like to add another redirector to
the DNS-RR setup (so a third one under the same DNS entry). If I
understand correctly, everyone (servers or local cmsd) using the DNS-RR
would need to be restarted, since they resolve hostname -> IPs at the
start. This is quite painful, clearly.

> DNS caching does not exist in xrootd until 4.0.0 and later. We added
that because people were running into DNS issues when a lot of worker
machines would all of a sudden connect at the same time. While using the
nodnr option would completely avoid the DNS;  some sites were annoyed
that it leaves the log with nothing but IP addresses. Anyway, the
default is 3 hours but you can set it to whatever you want (see cache)....

My impression is that the question was specifically on multihomed DNS aliases, in particular those used with the '+'-syntax ("all.manager meta any DNSALIAS.DOMAIN+").
It looks like xrootd/cmsd does resolve the alias at start, then keeps track of all machines behind such an alias via their IP address/individual hostname. I think this is independent of the generic Hostname->IP caching in Xrootd4.

Is there a way to get the daemons to re-resolve the DNS alias at some stage? Ideally this would happen automatically e.g. on connection failures, or once/day etc.
Use case is of course new machine being brought into the service, usually without taking over the IP address of a previous machine - simple DNS-aliasing is much easier than fullblown IP-level HA.

For the specific case of federations, the clients (aka local redirectors) are in different administrative domains, so scheduling a full restart requires talking to lots of people - not just some SSHing.


Tommaso Boccali

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