I am trying to read some "final"/reconstructed LCIO or ROOT files in order to understand how to proceed with my task. For the beginning I took few files mentioned at:

e.g. this one:

(the corresponding ROOT files do not load with the last LCIO library saying: "The StreamerInfo of class HpsEvent read from file has the same version (=1) as the active class but a different checksum. You should update the version to ClassDef(HpsEvent,2). Do not try to write objects with the current class definition, the files will not be readable.")

I converted the working file into ROOT DST by means of the "dst_maker". By the way most of the other files available on that page, e.g.:



do not convert, causing a segmentation fault of "dst_maker".

Now, I tried to look into the obtained ROOT file, there are some tracks and EC hits, but there are no "_particles" (except for, I guess, input mc_particles).

Am I missing something or using obsolete "examples" of MC data? Or the construction of reconstructed particles does not work yet?

Another question, on the page:

you provided a list of DST variables, however if one could spend a few minutes explaining what are for example:
tracks: d0, phi, omega, tan_lambda, z0,
svt_hits: covariance matrix cxy,czz...,
mc_particles: endpoint,
gbl_tracks: kappa, theta, phi, d0, z0, seed_kappa, seed_theta, seed_phi, seed_d0, seed_z0, chi^2, ndf, momentum, covariance

it would be much more helpful.

Best Regards,

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