I have created an SVN branch of the HPS Java trunk where changes can be made to the software for the ECAL commissioning which are not compatible with test run data.

The codebase needs to be made compatible with the engineering run as well as the test run and future production runs, and there are a number of structural changes that will need to be done for this, which are ongoing.  (I’m hoping to do most of this work in the next few weeks with help from others.)

In the meantime, the following branch should be used for any changes which are not test run compatible that need to be made in order to readout and analyze ECAL data immediately for the commissioning, etc.


In other words, to checkout and build this branch do the following:

cd /work/hps # some working dir
svn co svn://svn.freehep.org/hps/java/branches/hps-java_ecal-commissioning
cd hps-java_ecal-commissioning
mvn install -DskipTests

Then you would want to use “New Java Project” in Eclipse to load each module as an Eclipse Project (normal procedure), make your changes on that branched module, and then check them back into SVN on the branch.  (Might want to make a test commit first to make sure you’re on the branch and not the trunk.)

Later we can merge in changes from this branch to trunk by hand or using ‘svn merge’ if that is useful, or we can simply abandon it once trunk is all fixed up.

I wanted to avoid forcing developers working on ECAL software to have local changes in their code that shouldn’t be committed.  Instead the ECAL group should move to this branch for the time being.

You can feel free to break things on this branch (like make the test run reconstruction or EVIO reading stop working altogether) and it won’t affect anyone else.



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