When the DAQ is operational again, would it be possible to get an ECAL run where you flash the LEDs for every crystal in order from "upper left" (in event display) across the entire row, then down to the next column and across, etc. (Or in some specified order that makes sense.)

This would be very helpful for testing purposes.

I don't know what you would need to do as far as the triggering to make separate EvioEvents out of this information, but ideally I would think 1 hit / event would make the most sense.

This would let me test, for instance, the EcalChannel mapping in the conditions database and the event display, amongst other things.

It would also provide a good set of raw events with signal well above pedestal + 3 * sigma (I'm assuming? I don't know what signal strength you get from the LEDs).

Anyways, just a thought I had. Perhaps you've done some LED runs already that might be useful?


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