I tried to convert some recon files from data into dst root files.
Since it only contains ecal information, in the
HpsEventBuilder.cxx I only let ecal_writer-writeData(event, hps_event),
and commented other writers (svt, particle etc)

With this I was able to convert 2 files from run 3258,
and on the 3th file about in the middle I got an exception

 A runtime error has occured : lcio::DataNotAvailableException: LCEventImpl::getCollection: collection not in event:EcalClusters
 the program will have to be terminated - sorry.

However when I tried to convert files from more recent run 3340,
I got the same exception at the beginning.

Looking into the slcio file through JAS, it shows that some portion of events have no any collection in it
except "TriggerBank".

The question is, is it possible to skip these events in the dst maker.
From first sight I didn't find a way, but if there is a possibility please point me there,
I will try to do it.


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