Hello Jeremy,

Here is the information on each of the entries in the CSV file and what the data type is. Some of them already exist in the database and don't need to be added, but the others do. Note that these are all hardware mappings and are important so that if something goes wrong, we know what to fix and what is connected to what. Having it in the event display provides an easy look-up and an easy way to check if there are patterns if we start getting odd results in the data output.

Is JIRA the correct place to document this? Maybe a confluence page would be better if it needs a permanent reference page?



On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 12:31 AM, McCormick, Jeremy I. <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi, Kyle.

Can you give me a simple list of these extra channel information fields that should be added which aren’t already present in the conditions database in the EcalChannel or EcaLed classes?  (see org.hps.conditions.ecal in conditions module)

(It is hard for me to interpret exactly which fields need to be picked out of the CSV file.)

It would be good to have a brief explanation of the field as well as a note about what the valid data values should like (e.g. a valid number range).

Please add this information as a comment here.


Once I have this information, then I can add a ecal_wiring table that will be able to contain this extra information keyed on channel_id.

After this, I’ll need a text file mapping ecal_channel_id to the supplementary ECAL wiring information which can then be loaded into the database.



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