Hello hps-software,

I am trying to write a version of the GTP clustering algorithm to run over EVIO readout data and form clusters from the hits. This is useful both to get cluster data that closely matches what the hardware is actually seeing and also for trigger verification and diagnostic drivers, since these will need to run the trigger over clusters that match the hardware.

I am running into a problem with this because the readout hits do not declare a raw energy and attempting to access it causes a RuntimeException. Normally, we use corrected energy, which is available, but the addHit method in HPSEcalCluster apparently calls getRawEnergy at some point and thusly crashes the simulation.

Is there a way to fix this so that the hits in the EVIO readout will have this value when converted to LCIO? Alternatively, should we change the HPSEcalCluster to use the corrected energy?



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