Hi Holly, 

I don’t have answers, but looked into it a bit and found a few things.  

1)  We need to specify the detector name for the conditions driver to pick up the conditions for the run (I think Jeremy is going to fix this soon).  

 <driver name="ConditionsDriver" type="org.hps.conditions.ConditionsDriver">

2)  Looking at, I don’t think it supports 1 cluster triggers…there’s a “”, but I’m not sure it’s working.  Kyle should chime in. 

3)  Running just the PairTrigger0 (with the conditions fix shown in 1) I see:

INFO: 100000 events processed in job
Trigger Processing Results
        Single-Cluster Cuts
                Total Clusters Processed     :: 13541
                Passed Seed Energy Cut       :: 7128
                Passed Hit Count Cut         :: 4725
                Passed Total Energy Cut      :: 4021

        Cluster Pair Cuts
                Total Pairs Processed        :: 697
                Passed Energy Sum Cut        :: 245
                Passed Energy Difference Cut :: 185
                Passed Energy Slope Cut      :: 178
                Passed Coplanarity Cut       :: 159

        Trigger Count :: 159

Trigger Module Cut Values:
        Seed Energy Low        :: 0.100
        Seed Energy High       :: 6.600
        Cluster Energy Low     :: 0.200
        Cluster Energy High    :: 2.500
        Cluster Hit Count      :: 2
        Pair Energy Sum Low    :: 0.000
        Pair Energy Sum High   :: 2.000
        Pair Energy Difference :: 1.200
        Pair Energy Slope      :: 0.4
        Pair Coplanarity       :: 90.0
FADCPrimaryTriggerDriver: Trigger count: 159
TestRunTriggeredReconToLcio - wrote 0 events in job; 159 incomplete events in queue.
End of file reached

…so, if I read correctly, it found 159 loose pair triggers but didn’t write them out for some reason.  Not sure why…Sho?

Thanks, Matt

On Mar 27, 2015, at 6:13 PM, Holly Vance <[log in to unmask]> wrote:


I have several questions/problems that I need more information on to make sure that the readout software is working. 

In taking our slic output monte carlo files for 1.92 GeV running (beam background and tridents), we have a steering file that can produce output files for different types of triggers (singles0, singles1, pairs0, pairs1) that have the same settings that were used for events in December:


The input file I use is at /work/hallb/hps/holly/debug/egsv3-triv2-g4v1_s2d6_1.slcio

If I run the steering, I observe several things:
1. The number of pairs being looked at is significantly small (on the order of 2/100k events). Does this make sense? The number of singles being considered was around 7k. So is everything else just background?

2. In the terminal screen shot below, I commented out the other FADC trigger drivers and only ran singles0. The output file is at : /work/hallb/hps/holly/debug/out.singles0.slcio
The corresponding log file is out.triggers.singles0

It only outputs two events that have passed trigger cuts despite my specifying a singles only cut. I am not sure why only 2 events were passed to the pairs trigger cut. I would think there should be more pairs considered. Is there a bug in the FADCPrimaryTriggerDriver? The defaults for pairs looks wide enough for singles, but it somehow only sees a few for consideration. Somehow, specifying a singles cut is still losing out when it is considered for pairs. 

3. For events that don't pass cuts, empty slcio files are produced. Basically if I run the steering over the input file as it is, I get one good output file that is from pairs0.

I guess I would like some input from those who produce the monte carlo that this makes sense as well as those who wrote the trigger drivers. I don't understand these results. 


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