Maurik, Matt and I came up with this preliminary list of software/analysis talks for the July collaboration meeting.

Maurik — Overview (15’)
Jeremy — Conditions Database, Monitoring, etc (20’)
Matt (remote) — Analysis group organization, data & MC production status & plans (15’)
Sho —Tracking performance:  timing, mishits and (track) position resolution  (20’)
Pelle — Track-based alignment (20’)
Omar — Tracking performance, resolution & efficiency (pairs) (20’)
Rafo  —  Track-ECAL Matching & efficiency (FEE) (20’)
Norman — Future tracking improvements (20’)
Kyle  (remote) — Trigger performance and trident rate comparisons (20’) (Trigger)
Nathan — ECAL calibration, pulse fitting (15')
Holly — ECAL cluster recon (15')
Luca - ECAL gain calibration (15’)

This proposed agenda is fully open to discussion and changes.  If you are expected to or would like to give a talk and are not on this list, please let us know and give a proposed title/topic.

We plan to discus this in detail at Thursday’s software meeting.  



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