I am attempting to run a program I am writing that reads reconstructed data, but i get the exception below.  I tried several different input files, but all of them have the same problem...  how can i fix this?    

ifarm1101> java -cp "lib/*:bin" hps.protonradius.PlotQ2 /mss/hallb/hps/engrun2015/pass1/recon/hps_005797.360_recon_R3321.slcio 

Exception in thread "main" java.io.IOException: Framing error

at hep.io.sio.SIOReader$SIORecordImpl.readRecordHeader(SIOReader.java:223)

at hep.io.sio.SIOReader$SIORecordImpl.nextRecord(SIOReader.java:156)

at hep.io.sio.SIOReader.readRecord(SIOReader.java:77)

at hep.lcio.implementation.sio.SIOLCReader.readNextEvent(SIOLCReader.java:114)

at hep.lcio.implementation.sio.SIOLCReader.readNextEvent(SIOLCReader.java:148)

at hps.protonradius.PlotQ2.main(PlotQ2.java:18)

The program I am running is as follows, and it crashes at the reader.readNextEvent() line.  


public class PlotQ2 {

public static void main(String arg[]) throws IOException{

String s = arg[0];

LCReader reader = LCFactory.getInstance().createLCReader();


LCEvent event = reader.readNextEvent();





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