Does anyone know where I can get absolute time from an event (ie, is it only in the EVIO and not copied ot the LCIO, or has it already been copied to somewhere in the LCIO?)  Also i think it's misleading that the method "getTimestamp" has in its javadoc description that it's the ms since epoch (1970-01-01 00:00:00), and yet it has some smaller units (i'm guessing nanoseconds since that is consistent with the differences between the timestamps between events N events apart, and the tabulated event rate). 

What I want to do is mask out events that took place during the time when beam trips took place (the times of the beam trips I have found by looking at the scalers in Mya, which uses absolute time in ms), and then only use the events that are not during beam trips, and when the SVT is running etc.  


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