On 09/30/2015 08:18 AM, McCormick, Jeremy I. wrote:
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Does anyone have any idea about what causes this error in JAS3 when I try to open StdHep files?

java.io.IOException: Invalid version 
    at hep.io.mcfio.MCFIOBlock.read(MCFIOBlock.java:40)
    at hep.io.stdhep.StdhepRecord.read(StdhepRecord.java:24)
    at hep.io.stdhep.StdhepRunRecord.read(StdhepRunRecord.java:58)
    at hep.io.mcfio.MCFIOReader$EventHeader.getBlock(MCFIOReader.java:231)
    at hep.io.stdhep.StdhepReader.nextRecord(StdhepReader.java:49)
    at org.lcsim.util.loop.StdhepEventSource.next(StdhepEventSource.java:83)

I've opened a bug report for it in our Jira.


I have not been able to open any of the StdHep files that I have tried recently in JAS3.  I suspect it may have to do with an incompatibility introduced in a recent versions of the Freehep mcfio package, but it is just a guess.



This sounds familiar, I think Norman reported something similar and it was to do with the way the stdhep files were generated. I put a work around in:


Looks like this is currently only in freehep-stdhep 2.0.6-SNAPSHOT.


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