Hello hps-software,

I am trying to look at V0 candidate particles.According to confluence (https://confluence.slac.stanford.edu/display/hpsg/MC+Recon+Collection+Definitions), the collection for (say, unconstrained) V0 candidates is "UnconstrainedV0Candidates" and should be of type "ReconstructedParticle."

When running on this collection, however, I get ClassCastException errors. I tried this code to check the object type of the collection:

        String tridentCollectionName = "UnconstrainedV0Candidates";
        List<ReconstructedParticle> tridentCandidates = null;
        if(event.hasCollection(ReconstructedParticle.class, tridentCollectionName)) {
            tridentCandidates = event.get(ReconstructedParticle.class, clusterCollectionName);
        } else {
            tridentCandidates = new ArrayList<ReconstructedParticle>(0);
        for(Object o : tridentCandidates) {

It outputs "org.lcsim.lcio.SIOCluster" as the object type of V0 candidate collection. Can anyone assist me with figuring out what is wrong here? Am I accessing something incorrectly? I am using the file "hps_005772.10_recon_R340.slcio" (should be from pass-3) if that helps.



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