Hello hps-software,

I am trying to look at V0 candidate particles.According to confluence (, the collection for (say, unconstrained) V0 candidates is "UnconstrainedV0Candidates" and should be of type "ReconstructedParticle."

When running on this collection, however, I get ClassCastException errors. I tried this code to check the object type of the collection:

        String tridentCollectionName = "UnconstrainedV0Candidates";
        List<ReconstructedParticle> tridentCandidates = null;
        if(event.hasCollection(ReconstructedParticle.class, tridentCollectionName)) {
            tridentCandidates = event.get(ReconstructedParticle.class, clusterCollectionName);
        } else {
            tridentCandidates = new ArrayList<ReconstructedParticle>(0);
        for(Object o : tridentCandidates) {

It outputs "org.lcsim.lcio.SIOCluster" as the object type of V0 candidate collection. Can anyone assist me with figuring out what is wrong here? Am I accessing something incorrectly? I am using the file "hps_005772.10_recon_R340.slcio" (should be from pass-3) if that helps.



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