​Hello All,

 I'm trying to better understand our tracking resolution and have decided to go back to the basics. I'm starting with our simulated hit resolution and right away have found something which puzzles me. I generated single, full energy electrons and reconstructed them with the simple digitization. I'm plotting what I think is the u position of the MC SimTrackerHit compared to the u measurement resulting from our simulation of the response of the sensor to the energy deposition of that SimTrackerHit. I've attached a plot of the difference for single-strip (green) and two-strip (magenta) clusters. 


The green distribution is roughly what I would have expected: a box distribution for the single-hit measurements. But the width is narrower than what I would have naively expected. This seems to indicate that our charge spreading is larger than I would have naively expected.

The magenta distribution is narrower, which is what I would have expected, but other than that I don't understand it. 

I should note that I did not ensure that the SimTrackerHit was propagated back to the plane at which the strip hits are defined. This could have some effect in skewing these distributions, but I would expect that to be less for the axial planes (which is what is plotted here for layer 1).

Has anyone looked at our MC hit distributions at this level?


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