Hi All,

I recently find out yours xrootd very interesting! thanks a lot for developing it!
I went throu documentation, and I was supprised that it works out-of-the-box!!!
Question is how to make caching proxy working?

do I understand correctly that architecture should be:
1. hostA xrootd /share
2. hostB xrootd <reshare share form hosta >
3. hostC xrootdfs  -o rdr=root://hostB:1094//share /mnt/hostA/share

mainly hostC sees content of share, but unfortunately all requests goes to hostA, every time there is communication with hostA.
configuration of hostB is:
=== cut ===
pss.origin = hostA:1094
all.export /share
pfc.cachedir  /dev/shm/cache
=== cut ===

I used fileCache, but I doubt how I can switch to memory cache.

what I would like to do is to export remote share in readonly mode to many machines in other location but for short period of time, e.g 5 mins, xrootd loos perfect but I didn't manage to enable caching, please advice!

thanks in advance
Łukasz Tasz

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