In addition to my previous e-mail, I would like to access the x,y vales (mm) of certain crystals (I would like to avoid hard-coding coordinates). I 've done this previously in clustering by using a hit (CalorimeterHit) and then getting the geometry: 
IGeometryInfo geom = hit.getDetectorElement().getGeometry();

        double[] pos = geom.transformLocalToGlobal(VecOp.add(geom.transformGlobalToLocal(geom.getPosition()), (Hep3Vector) new BasicHep3Vector(0, 0, -1 * ((Trd) geom.getLogicalVolume().getSolid()).getZHalfLength()))).v();

Is there a way to do this without using a CalorimeterHit? Perhaps just using a crystal index like ix,iy?


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