Hello hps-software,

I am attempting to reconstruction over some 2.2 GeV readout with custom trigger cuts, but I get the following error within around 12 seconds of starting the run:

        at org.hps.recon.ecal.cluster.ClusterEnergyCorrection.computeCorrectedEnergy(
        at org.hps.recon.ecal.cluster.ClusterEnergyCorrection.calculateCorrectedEnergy(
        at org.hps.recon.ecal.cluster.ClusterEnergyCorrection.setCorrectedEnergy(
        at org.hps.recon.ecal.cluster.ClusterUtilities.applyCorrections(
        at org.hps.recon.particle.ReconParticleDriver.makeReconstructedParticles(
        at org.hps.recon.particle.ReconParticleDriver.process(
        at org.hps.recon.particle.HpsReconParticleDriver.process(
        at org.lcsim.util.Driver.doProcess(
        at org.lcsim.util.Driver.processChildren(
        at org.lcsim.util.Driver.process(
        at org.lcsim.util.DriverAdapter.recordSupplied(
        at org.freehep.record.loop.DefaultRecordLoop.consumeRecord(
        at org.freehep.record.loop.DefaultRecordLoop.loop(
        at org.freehep.record.loop.DefaultRecordLoop.execute(
        at org.lcsim.util.loop.LCSimLoop.loop(
        at org.hps.job.JobManager.main(

Back-tracking this, it seems to be related to either the database or the geometry, but I am not familiar enough with the process that is crashing to know for sure. It appears that some metadata or similar property does not exist for the 2.2 GeV detector, and therefore crashing upon reference.

Any ideas how to correct this?



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