I did a quick test of tpass6 quality in terms of tridents.

Attached is the comparison of tpass6 (red histograms) and pass4 (black histograms) from run 5772.
Note: in tpass 6 each file contains only 20K recon event which is approx 8% of total.
We don't have total charge for each file, therefore to get a total charge corresponding to 8%
of run 5772, I multiplied the total integrated gated (also bias on and SVT at 0.5 mm) charge by 0.08.

As for total cross sections
Pass4: 62.9222 ubn
tpass6: 65.1304 Konsole output

To me they are consistent in shapes and absolute normalizations,
given the fact that there is some approximation in Luminosity calculation...


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