I know this was supposed to be the "final pass",

but it looks like there are far too few Moller events being readout in Pass 6 Monte Carlo.

Looking further into this, it is because the >3-hit clusters in Pass 6 are getting decimated BEFORE the trigger for some reason (see attached plots), and so they no longer pass the cluster hit count threshold. These were made using exactly the same filtered SLIC events, and the same steering file with the same apparent thresholds in the GTP clusterer and trigger.

The difference must be elsewhere in the drivers themselves.

These plots compare




both using the 'EngineeringRun2015TrigSingles1_Pass2.lcsim' steering file.

A more recent 3.5 jar (1/25/2016) gives a similar number of events as Pass 4, and so the key difference must be with 3.6.


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