Does anyone know what the following error is about?

It is apparently xml-related, and affects running SLIC:

"fatal error:  systemId: line: 1 column: 3
markup declaration expected"

"fatal error:  systemId: /u/group/hps/hps_soft/detector-data/detectors/HPS-EngRun2015-Nominal-v4-4-fieldmap/HPS-EngRun2015-Nominal-v4-4-fieldmap.lcdd line: 2 column: 189
fatal error during schema scan"

This then causes Geant4 to crash in the standard way.
The same script used (/u/group/hps/production/mc/EngRun2015Scripts/slic/wab-beam-tri_100.xml) worked as of May 18-19, and others using the same detector worked early this week. Did something change very recently that might affect this? Like around the time of the release?


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