Hi Norman,

I'm looking back through an old e-mail and trying to implement something in hps-java. I need the GBL re-fit momentum xyz components for each particle which you described the method to obtain them here:

package org.hps.analysis.examples;

import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;
import org.lcsim.event.EventHeader;
import org.lcsim.event.Vertex;
import org.lcsim.util.Driver;

 * @author Norman A. Graf
public class VertexAnalysis extends Driver {

    String vertexCollectionName = "TargetConstrainedV0Vertices";

    protected void process(EventHeader event) {
        List<Vertex> vertices = event.get(Vertex.class, vertexCollectionName);
        for (Vertex v : vertices) {
            Map<String, Double> vals = v.getParameters();


My questions is how do I know which (e- or e+) corresponds to particle 1 and particle 2 of the vertexed pair? Is there a pointer or do I need to write some software to make a sophisticated guess?


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