I have tested the steering files for readout, data recon and mc recon for 2016 and 2015 data, and I feel that we are ready to merge the branch into the trunk.   A few points to address before I merge in the branches:

1)  Should the EcalTimeCorrections be in the monitoring steering files?  Or should monitoring not include time corrections?  

2)  A few users have references to no-longer-existent methods in the EcalRawConverterDriver, in their users code, which would break compilation.  These methods set parameters that have been moved to the other drivers.  The affected files are:

org.hps.users.jeremym.TestRunReconDriver  line 35

org.hps.users.gcharles.FADCSignalAnalysis  lines 69, 70

Jeremy and Gabriel, please modify these files, or if you no longer use them, you can delete them.

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