​The only time I have seen this is when GBL is trying to refit low momentum bogus tracks. I'm not sure which one of the tweaks could be causing this (assuming this wasn't happening before.) ...

Yes during the pass6 it was rear, only few files from overall 2015 data.
I am attaching the compact.xml, just in case if that might help debugging it.

​If we can get 10% of the data reconed with the new detector over the next several days, then it might be worth just running the full dataset.  I can then do my optimizations on the 10% and just run my scripts over the full dataset when it's ready early in January.  I don't think we plan to unblind until the middle of January so it looks like we have time and should take advantange of the open farms.  Others should chime in with their opinions ...

It will take probably 4 days the 10% of the data, when we start to process, but before processing, it will take at least
few days, to check/validate these recent changes, and also to fix some bugs, e.g. the "Matrix is singular."


On 12/06/2016 07:35 PM, Omar Moreno wrote:
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On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 4:05 PM, Rafayel Paremuzyan <> wrote:
Hi all,

yesterday I submitted a new testpass7 for 5772,
outputs are going in the following directory.

Note: this is a Full reconstruction pass, where tweaks are applied in the compact.xml,
and it uses a new v5 detector.
This uses a new steering file for ntuplemake, which Holly has created that doesn't do tweaks.
The reason for this was as Stepan suggested, to check whether pre-recon tweaks are consistent with a post-recon tweaks.

Now about the other pass tweakpass that we have discussed in the software meeting, which shouldn't
do recon, but rather use pass6 recon, and create another recon from with tweaked parameters.
Thinking more about it, this is supposed to read the pass6 recon slcio, do tweaks on all track collections e.g.
"GBLTracks" then do run trackDataDriver and ReconParticleDriver.
To do this probably new driver and steering file is needed to be created (I think by experts).
Maybe this is easy, but I don't know details.
Please let me know how easy can that be.

I know that Holly is close implementing the RF time correction to the highest energy crystal,
and if we decide instead of tweakpass use a full recon pass, then this will be an important addition
to the data.

I guess the decision whether to go with a tweakpass or do a new full recon mostly depends
on how close is Omar finalizing bump hunt analysis and being ready to unblind the data.
If this is something that will be not sooner than a month from now, then I would think it is better to
go with a full recon pass, especially farms probably will be more quite during the Christmas and New Year.

Another question to those who do/did their analysis on 2015 data, as I know no one did not use
v0 skim. Is there any particular reason for that, Are cuts too tight?
If cuts are really too tight, then I would think we don't need to do v0 skim.
Sebouh did a quick test, by requiring only a presence of a non empty unconstrainedv0candidate collection,
but it yields about 13% of the original file, which is not too small.

Similar question for the Moller skim, is anyone using a Moller skim?
If they really are not needed, then dropping them can increase a little bit the chance of the job not being a timed out.

I also have another question, probably to Jeremy or tracking experts, a lot of recon jobs are
finished without reaching the end of evio file, look bottom of the e-mail, for the thrown exception.
I have used source codes of release 3.9, and only modified the compact.xml accordingly to take
into account tweaks, and a new steering file is added by Holly, which do ntuplemaker without tweaking
parameters (last one should not be related, since is called after recon).

​The only time I have seen this is when GBL is trying to refit low momentum bogus tracks. I'm not sure which one of the tweaks could be causing this (assuming this wasn't happening before.) ...
Sorry, it turned out to be a big e-mail

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Matrix is singular.
at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.matrix.LUDecomposition.solve(
        at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.matrix.Matrix.solve(
        at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.matrix.Matrix.inverse(
        at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.GblPoint.getDerivatives(
        at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.GblTrajectory.getFitToKinkJacobian(
        at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.GblTrajectory.prepare(
        at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.GblTrajectory.construct(
        at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.GblTrajectory.<init>(
        at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.GblTrajectory.<init>(
        at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.MakeGblTracks.doGBLFit(
        at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.MakeGblTracks.refitTrack(
        at org.hps.recon.tracking.gbl.GBLRefitterDriver.process(
        at org.lcsim.util.Driver.doProcess(
        at org.lcsim.util.Driver.processChildren(
        at org.lcsim.util.Driver.process(
        at org.lcsim.util.DriverAdapter.recordSupplied(
        at org.lcsim.job.JobControlManager.processEvent(
        at org.hps.evio.EvioToLcio.main(
2016-12-06 14:27:07 [CONFIG] org.lcsim.job.JobControlManager parse :: parsing command line arguments
2016-12-06 14:27:07 [CONFIG] org.lcsim.job.JobControlManager parse :: steering resource enabled

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