Hi Jeremy,

I'm trying to write out from recon files what the pid is of the cluster. During recon, we assign this as a BaseCluster and setParticleId(). Additionally, when applying cluster corrections to energy and position, we use cluster.getParticleId(), and this returns something like +/-11, 22.

However, when I look at a fully reconstructed file and try to do cluster.getParticleId(), it is always set to 0. 

I tried casting this to BaseCluster, but it doesn't work. I've tried this on both collections "EcalClusters" and "EcalClustersCorr".  

   if (event.hasCollection(Cluster.class,"EcalClustersCorr")){

            List<Cluster> ecalClusters = event.get(Cluster.class,"EcalClustersCorr");

Cluster c1 = ecalClusters.get(0));

            System.out.println("Cluster pid:\t"+c1.getParticleId());

If I try to do: 


then I get 

org.lcsim.job.EventMarkerDriver process :: Event 10085820 with sequence 0

java.lang.ClassCastException: org.lcsim.lcio.SIOCluster cannot be cast to org.lcsim.event.base.BaseCluster

Is there a reason this is not persisted?


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