Dear HPS Software Group,

As we discussed in our software meeting yesterday, I would like to create a standardized version of the hps-dst package. 
The plan as proposed was:

ROOT 5.34.36  (default “PRO” version at JLab, but outdated otherwise)
GCC 4.8.5         (default on RHEL 7)
Python 2.7         (default on RHEL 7)

This will be the default version installed in /u/group/hps/hps_soft. It appears that the installed version of root_numpy is compatible with this choice, but I am not able to fully check this.

I have setup the login for user “hps” to default to these setting, which I think is already the case mostly. (except a env var LCIO to point to the correct place.)
The install is in: /home/hps/hps_soft/hps-dst



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