Hello hps-software,

In reviewing some of the readout code, I have been looking at the drivers SimpleEcalReadoutDriver and TimeEvolutionEcalReadoutDriver. I can not find any steering files that employ either of these, and they use an option in the code (the "readoutCycle" variable) that is explicitly disabled in the FADCEcalReadoutDriver (which is actually used in all of our readout simulation).

Does anyone know if these drivers are used and/or useful? Or if the readoutCycle option is still valuable? If not, I would propose these be marked as no longer supported and removed, as they are adding code complexity without any value.

Likewise, there an option "readoutOffset" that defaults to zero (causing no effect in its ~4 appearances in the code) which is also never used in any steering file. (Note that this is distinct from the SVT hit driver's offset variable). Is there any reason to retain this?



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