I have made the hps-java 4.0 release which is tagged as ‘hps-java-4.0’ in the github.  

This will be the release used for pass 7 on 2015 data, unless we need to make additional “patch” releases to fix bugs.

Unfortunately, I could not get the Jenkins build to complete successfully, which I will fix this for next release.  (Our project’s javadoc needs to be cleaned up.  Java 8 is much stricter about this than 7.)

The runnable jar file is available using this Nexus search:


Click the ‘bin-.jar’ next to the 4.0 search results to download it.

The github milestone for the release is here:


All closed/resolved issues are shown here:


I downloaded the bin.jar and checked that evio2lcio runs okay.

Please let me know if you have any questions or find problems with this release.


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