Dear Colleagues,

I've posted the results of my first, quick analysis of the tpass7d output to the #project-2015pass7 channel on Slack: . So far I have only analyzed the Møller skim from run 5772.

Preliminary conclusions are:

Unconstrained vertex position reconstruction consistent with beamspot centered at (0,0) and a target at z=0.5mm.

Unconstrained vertex momenta show only very small deviations of beam from z axis.

Uniformity of mass calculated from the three vertex collections (Unconstrained, BeamspotConstrained and TargetConstrained) confirms the internal consistency of locating the target at z=0.5mm.

TargetConstrained Møller mass (from a simple Gaussian fit) is


TargetConstrained Møller mass resolution (from a simple Gaussian fit) is

sigma=1.4633E-3 ± 3.0E-6

So far, so good.


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