Using an updated trunk, the Proposal2017 detectors seem to be giving a conditions-related error during recon:

java.lang.RuntimeException: No conditions were found with key: beam_energies
        at org.hps.conditions.database.AbstractConditionsObjectConverter.getData(
        at org.lcsim.conditions.CachedConditionsImplementation.getCachedData(
        at org.hps.recon.particle.ReconParticleDriver.detectorChanged(
        at org.lcsim.util.Driver.detectorChanged(
        at org.lcsim.util.DriverAdapter.detectorChanged(
        at org.lcsim.util.DriverAdapter.recordSupplied(
        at org.freehep.record.loop.DefaultRecordLoop.consumeRecord(
        at org.freehep.record.loop.DefaultRecordLoop.loop(
        at org.freehep.record.loop.DefaultRecordLoop.execute(
        at org.lcsim.util.loop.LCSimLoop.loop(
        at org.hps.job.JobManager.main(

Specifically, the "HPS-Proposal2017-Nominal-v2-6pt6-fieldmap" detector was used with run 1000000.

Strangely, the readout works fine with the same detector and run.

I have seen this error before in standard recon, but it has gone away with recent updates (at least since Nov17) and the other detector geometries work using the same jar.

Does anyone know if the conditions for run 1000000, which affects L0 detector geometries, would have missed any recent fixes related to recon?


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