Thanks Jeremy,

I appreciate your looking into this. It didn't even occur to me to think about the detector.

This is clearly one case where getting the geometry definitions from the conditions database is the right thing to do.


From: McCormick, Jeremy I.
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 6:08 PM
To: Graf, Norman A.; hps-software; [log in to unmask]
Subject: RE: Error running old jar file



There is no ‘HPS-EngRun2015-Nominal-v5-0-fieldmap` detector in the hps-java 3.9 release, which is why the conditions error occurs.


To fix, you can checkout the `HPS-EngRun2015-Nominal-v5-0-fieldmap` files into the old tag and then rebuild your distribution…




$ cd hps-java


$ git checkout hps-modules-3.9


$ git checkout master -- detector-data/detectors/HPS-EngRun2015-Nominal-v5-0-fieldmap


$ mvn clean install


Now you should be able to run the 3.9 distribution with the new detector.


I confirmed that this at least allows me to run your job locally.




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Sent: Monday, January 22, 2018 1:11 PM
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Subject: Error running old jar file


Hello All,


In trying to reproduce some interesting differences in track reconstruction efficiencies over time pointed out by Alessandra this morning, I downloaded some earlier production jar files from nexus and tried to run the reconstruction. I encountered the following error when running the 3.9 jar file:


>  java -cp hps-distribution-3.9-bin.jar org.hps.evio.EvioToLcio -x EngineeringRun2015FullRecon.lcsim -d HPS-EngRun2015-Nominal-v5-0-fieldmap -D outputFile=tst hps_005772.evio.0 



2018-01-22 13:05:58 [CONFIG] org.hps.conditions.database.DatabaseConditionsManager initialize :: initializing with detector HPS-EngRun2015-Nominal-v5-0-fieldmap and run 5772
2018-01-22 13:05:58 [CONFIG] org.hps.conditions.database.DatabaseConditionsManager setXmlConfig :: setting XML config from resource /org/hps/conditions/config/conditions_database_engrun.xml
2018-01-22 13:05:58 [CONFIG] org.hps.conditions.database.DatabaseConditionsManager loadConfiguration :: setupSvtDetector = true
2018-01-22 13:05:58 [CONFIG] org.hps.conditions.database.DatabaseConditionsManager loadConfiguration :: freezeAfterInitialize = false
2018-01-22 13:05:58 [CONFIG] org.hps.conditions.database.DatabaseConditionsManager registerConverters :: registering default conditions converters
2018-01-22 13:05:58 [INFO] org.hps.conditions.database.DatabaseConditionsManager openConnection :: opening connection ...
connection: jdbc:mysql://
port: 3306
user: hpsuser
database: hps_conditions
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Error initializing conditions system.
        at org.hps.evio.EvioToLcio.checkConditions(
        at org.hps.evio.EvioToLcio.bufferEvents(
        at org.hps.evio.EvioToLcio.main(
Caused by: org.lcsim.conditions.ConditionsManager$ConditionsNotFoundException: Conditions not found for detector HPS-EngRun2015-Nominal-v5-0-fieldmap
        at org.lcsim.conditions.ConditionsReader.create(
        at org.lcsim.conditions.ConditionsReader.create(
        at org.lcsim.conditions.ConditionsManagerImplementation.setDetector(
        at org.hps.conditions.database.DatabaseConditionsManager.initialize(
        at org.hps.conditions.database.DatabaseConditionsManager.setDetector(
        at org.hps.evio.EvioToLcio.checkConditions(
        ... 3 more


Running the same command using the hps-distribution-4.0-bin.jar file (also fetched from nexus) runs to completion.


Any suggestions on what I might have done wrong or forgotten to do would be appreciated.





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