The file to download and use locally is actually here

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Subject: running hps-java locally


I have a basic working version of hps-java on a branch (iss320) which can load conditions from a SQLite db that I exported from MySQL.  This means that you should be able to run the recon entirely offline without needing to install MySQL locally and import the conditions db.

The issue branch is here:

What are the next steps?  Should we attempt to run it in hps-mc?

I have only run the readout and I did not check the results carefully (just saw that it wrote out some events); perhaps we need to run & validate the recon as well before doing anything else?  It is possible, for instance, that some values of conditions data might not be the same, e.g. due to rounding/precision errors.  So that should be checked carefully.

It is a fairly simple matter to run the bin jar and point to the local db file...

java -Dorg.hps.conditions.url=jdbc:sqlite:hps_conditions.db -jar hps-java-bin.jar [...]

The db file with the exported conditions data can be obtained from here:

It should be downloaded into the working directory and decompressed using 'tar -zxvf'.

To run in hps-mc should be pretty straightforward; I think we would just need something like this passed to the JobManager in each script:


We would need to either copy over the db file to each batch node and read from this relative path, symlink the file from each node, or read the file from a fixed/hard-coded NFS location.  (All of these options require some relatively minor changes to the python scripts.)

Let me know how you want to proceed and what I can do to help...

BTW I will be leaving on a 3 month trip next Tuesday evening, and I do not plan on doing any HPS work during this time, so please get back to me ASAP on this so hopefully we can get this running successfully before I leave.


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