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A quick announcement about the new release of Go-HEP, v0.14.0, the best release ever:

There are many interesting new features in this release (such as being able to create ROOT files from Go, without having to install anything from ROOT/C++).

But the more interesting thing for this list is that this release contains the awesome work from Mikhail (in CC), a Google Summer of Code student who worked on Go-HEP and xrootd.
Here is his final report:


He wrote:
- a pure-Go client for xrootd, with support for UNIX and Kerberos 5 authentications, support for a bunch of xrootd requests,
- a pure-Go FUSE client+command that allows to mount a remote xrootd server's data, locally,
- the beginning of a pure-Go xrootd server (there's no authentication, so, don't use that on a public machine)
- xrd-cp, xrd-ls and xrd-srv commands that do what their name hints :)

Everything (except for the FUSE part) has been tested on Linux and Windows.

Sources of Go-HEP/xrootd are here:


Everything is licensed under BSD-3.

One remaining improvement (for the client, among other things) will be to implement the GSI authentication mechanism (once specs are available. More details here:


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