The 2018 International Workshop on Future Linear Colliders (LCWS2018) will be held on

October 22-26 on the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, USA. 


Conference Web site:

This year marks a significant milestone for the linear collider. The Japanese government is completing a few years for intensive review of all aspects of the ILC with the goal to reach an official decision on its intention to host.  CLIC continues its strong R&D program.  Input to the European Strategy Update will be submitted by the end of this year.  This workshop will be significant in the context of these developments.  We encourage you to be part of the effort!

The conference early bird discount registration fee of $425.00 is available until Friday, September 14, 2018. After September 14, the conference rate will increase to $475.00.

Please note also that accommodation at the conference hotel should be reserved as soon as possible.

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                                                      We invite you to contribute talks in the parallel sessions – the conveners for the Physics and Detector, and Accelerator groups are listed below. Please contact them directly at your earliest convenience.


LCWS2018 Physics and Detectors Conveners

Shinya Kanamura (Osaka)

Tim Barklow (SLAC)

Junping Tian (U. Tokyo)

Giacinto Piacquadio (Stony Brook)

Manqi Ruan (IHEP)

Tao Han (Pitt)

Dirk Zerwas (LAL)

Keisuke Fujii (KEK)

Mikael Berggren (DESY)

Z. Liu

R. Franceschini

Stefania Gori

Radja Boughezal (ANL)

Frank Simon (MPI)

Frederic Deliot (Saclay)    
Yoshimasa Kurihara (KEK)    
Marcel Vos (U.Valencia)

Sim/Reco/Detector Performance
Daniel Jeans (KEK)

Marko Petric    
Remi Ete (DESY)

Jan Strube (PNNL)

Dominik Dannheim (CERN)

Akimasa Ishikawa (Tohoku)

Auguste Besson

Joel Goldstein (Bristol)


Katja Krueger (DESY)    
Matthias Weber (CERN)
Taikan Suehara (Kyushu Univ.)    
Dmitri Denisov (FNAL)

Adrain Irles (LAL)
Bruce Schumm (UCSC)
Imad Latinek (Lyon)

Karsten Buesser (DESY)
Eliana Gianfelice (FNAL)   
Tom Markiewicz (SLAC)
Yasuhiro Sugimoto (KEK)
Henri Videau (LLR)

LCWS2018 Accelerator Conveners

Nobuhiro Terunuma (KEK)
Phil Burrows (Oxford)

Damping Rings
Nobuhiro Terunuma (KEK)
Yannis Papaphilippou (CERN)
Eliana Gianfelice (FNAL)

Masao Kuriki (U. Hiroshima)
Steffen Doebert (CERN)
Sabine Riemann (DESY)
Manoel Conde (ANL)

Beam Dynamics and RTML
KaoruYokoya (KEK)
Andrea Latina (CERN)
Nikolay Solyak (FNAL)

Beam Delivery System
Toshiuki Okugi (KEK)
Edu Marin (Alba-Cells)
Rogelio Tomas (CERN)
Glen White (SLAC)

CFS (Conventional Facilities and Siting)
Hitoshi Hayano (KEK)
John Osborne (CERN)
Matthew Stuart

(SCRF) Superconducting Radio Frequency
Sam Posen (FNAL)
Yasuchika „Kirk“ Yamamoto (KEK)
Olivier Napoly

Warm RF
Walter Wuensch (CERN)
Emilio Nanni (SLAC)

Green Accelerator – will be part of CFS

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