Dear Colleagues,

I have made the hps-java 4.2 release. 

This fixes the issue(s) with the ECal cluster corrections caused by an incorrect ECal detector description. 

We have also removed the cut on the vertex chi-squared in the object standardization cuts in order not to lose any events at the recon level that may be recoverable with improved beamspot/target positions and uncertainties. 

We have decided not to include run-by-run beamspot x-y widths until we have fully understood the variations.

The runnable jar file is available using this Nexus search:;quick~hps-distribution 

Then clicking on the bin.jar button.

Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties or have any questions regarding this release.

I would like to start processing the 2016 right away. I guess we should start again with the unblinded 10% sample.

Enjoy the weekend,

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