Dear Colleagues,

As we prepare for this summer's running I expect that there will be quite a few changes and improvements in the reconstruction software. In preparation for that I would like to improve our integration testing. We currently run the full reconstruction from scratch on a set of evio files containing skimmed FEE, Mollers and V0s. Currently we produce a set of histograms (primarily SVT-related) and simply compare them against a set of reference histograms. I'd like to include more and better diagnostics (especially ECal-related) and improve the comparisons. Please contact me if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Additionally, we expect to have many more computing resources available to us in the counting room during this summer's run. I'm hoping we can turn the integration tests into a sort of near-real-time analysis stream that will provide us an end-to-end QA process to complement our detector DQM streams. 



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